12 Tools for Facebook Ads Success


Creating content, ad copy, creative and then managing the sales funnel after the ads, it’s no secret that running a successful Facebook Ads campaign can be a lot of work. So here are 12 Tools for Facebook Ads success.

Thankfully, the internet is full of free (or as near as) tools to help you but your Facebook Ads into beast-mode.

We have 12 tools that we use on a daily basis to create the best Facebook Ads.

1. Canva

This is by far our favourite tool. Professional graphic design without the skillset required for Photoshop (or similar).

The power of Canva really is difficult to put into words as the limit to what you can create is your imagination.

I’m pretty sure my Dad, who struggles with Amazon (and occasionally switching the PC on…) could easily create graphics on Canva.

It’s free but there is a paid option around $8 for even more features such as auto-resize for different platforms such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Headers, YouTube Cover Art.

The resize feature saves an incredible amount of time and is easily worth the small monthly cost.

2. Clipping Magic

Fantastic graphics are important on any Facebook Ad but for eCommerce they are essential.

Clipping Magic allows you to easily remove the backgrounds of images to you have a transparent PNG file.

The ease of use here is incredible and a far-cry from the hours struggling with this on Photoshop. Simply swipe green the part of the image you want to keep and swipe red the part that you don’t. Ridiculously easy.

For just $3.99 this is an essential piece of software.

Add this to the power of Canva and your ad creative will be second to none.

3. Adobe Stock

Stock images can get a bad rep and rightly so, some are atrocious and should be left in 2004. Thankfully the game has changed and there are a few stock image sites that can really supply the goods.

Adobe Stock is our favourite, they have a fantastic range of professional images for you to license and use.

Some of the photography available is breathtakingly beautiful and they have everything from standard photographs to vector graphics.

Adobe Stock does have a monthly subscription (there are free alternatives out there) but the quality of the images available make it a no-brainer for serious Facebook Ad professionals.

$29 a month gives you ten images and there is a roll-over allowance meaning these can quickly build up.

4. AdsHacker

There aren’t any tools that work with Facebook Ads that show what Ads your competitors are running.

Let’s face it though, we do sometimes need a taste of what type of Ads different sectors and niches are running.

The useful tool also shows you the audience interaction with ads so that you can judge which ads and copy work best.

Thankfully the smart guys over AdsHacker have created a database of Facebook Ads that you can search.

This is a great tool when you are the very beginning of planning your campaign strategy.

The free service is useful and if you do want to upgrade you can do for $49 a month.

5. LeadPages

We LOVE LeadPages, it gives us the ability to create landing pages quickly (super quickly).

Landing pages are essential if you are running Facebook Ads, sending traffic directly to your home page is a big FAIL. By sending your clicks through to a landing page that matches the feel and creative of your Ad, you have a much higher chance of converting them.

LeadPages is Drag & Drop page builder meaning that you don’t need to do any coding. They also have a huge catalogue of high converting templates, removing the guesswork out of page-layout.

There are alternatives out there; Instapage and ClickFunnels for example but we’ve found LeadPages the easiest to implement quickly across different accounts.

Pricing starts from $25 per month.

6. WordPress

While your Ads should be pointing directly at landing pages, we would still advise that you have a standard website.


WordPress is by far the most popular platform for websites with more than 25% of websites running on the platform. Which isn’t surprising with the ease and integrations that are on offer.

The integrations really are what set WordPress leagues above competitors. You can integrate all the major eCommerce platforms, buy pre-built themes and have all of your analytics and pop-ups running without ever needing to learn code.

Oh and it’s free…

7. SumoMe

So know you have the traffic, time to make the most of it!

SumoMe are the big boys in this space and they offer everything from aggressive pop-ups to polite little ‘hello’ pop-ups, social share buttons, website heatmaps and list builders.

The versatility of what is on offer is astounding and is sure to grow your email list and boost your social rankings.

There is a free service which works fantastically but you can upgrade for even more goodness for $29 a month.

8. MailMunch

MailMunch is our latest find. It offers pop-ups and email captures for your website along with landing pages.

This is a fantastic option for anyone on a budget.

It has A-B testing functionalities, analytics and integration with services such as MailChimp, AWeber and Constant Contact.

9. MailChimp

Email marketing offers the strongest return of any part of your marketing and sales funnel. MailChimp OWNS this space and for good reason, it’s freakin’ awesome!

Drag & Drop email building, Automations (this is just incredible), split email lists and incredible analytics.

The best feature is by far the integration with all of the major eCommerce platforms which allows you to send personalised emails to your leads and customers.

Your email list is the most valuable asset you have, MailChimp allows you maximise your touch points with each and every customer you have on your list.

MailChimp is free but has limitations – packages start from $10 per month.

10. ManyChat

Facebook Messenger Bots are THE next big thing in advertising, trust us.

So jump ahead of the crowd with ManyChat which lets you build a Messenger Bot without the need to understand code.

We’ve gone into detail before on the potential of Bots.

ManyChat allows you to create everything from simple Bots which can start the sales process all the way to mammoth bots which automate everything. Well worth a play around with.

11. Google Analytics

We know, this is a bit of obvious BUT it’s essential. Facebook’s analytics are sometimes questionable so by running Google Analytics alongside your campaigns you have more data to work on.

True mastery of Google Analytics is a real skill but you don’t need it to understand the basics which can support your Facebook Ad campaigns.

The ‘User Flow’ section let’s you see where your users go after you send them to your site/landing page and where they drop-off. This is DYNAMITE knowledge which allows you to optimise the pages they tend to visit second and third

12. The Facebook Pixel

EVERYONE, I repeat, EVERYONE should be using the Facebook Pixel on their site. Surprisingly, there are still many that don’t.

This could be down the Pixel being code that you have to add to your website but there are countless plug-ins for WordPress which offer copy & paste integration of the Pixel, so this really shouldn’t be an excuse.

Or it could be that the Pixel used to be incredibly complicated. The good news is that Facebook has sorted this by creating a single Pixel which you place on every page of your site.

The Pixel offers you so many opportunities with your advertising allowing to you to retarget using Custom Audiences, build Custom Events and track the performance of your ads allowing for optimization.

If you aren’t using the Pixel in your Facebook Advertising, you are missing out on incredible data, insights and opportunities – so please do!

Phew! That was a long list. The tools for Facebook Ads that we use really are important in creating quality advertisements that convert clicks into dollars.

I’d love to hear your suggestions for any alternative/additional tools – there are new ones popping up all the time and we’d love to try them out!
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Dale Hornidge

MD of Rogue Digital.