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Best Social Media in Edinburgh

Being an Edinburgh based Social Media marketing agency, we keep a pretty keen eye on how local businesses are using social media to its full advantage.

There’s no major surprise in the platforms being used, Facebook and Instagram are ruling supreme in the Scottish social media landscape.

Disappointingly, we couldn’t find a single company in Edinburgh using the newer social media platforms to their full potential. Snapchat, Pinterest, Messenger even YouTube are all missing. Which is a real shame, but we expect this to change significantly in 2018, as we see the Facebook algorithms move away from pushing business updates and focus instead on personal updates. Expect this to happen on Instagram a little later in the year too.

We’ve compiled a classic ‘Top 5’ list of the very best social media Edinburgh has to offer.

  1. La Favourita Edinburgh – Instagram.

Is it possible to make pizza boring? Well, yes, just look at some of the national pizza chains on social media and you may way to cry at the current state of capitalism.

To bring it back down to a human level, La Favourita fill their instagram with pictures of people enjoying mouth-watering pizza.

Even better than that, they aren’t afraid to have a little fun with photoshop. Recent ‘guests’ in their pizza based posts include Drake, The Wolf of Wall Street, Homer Simpson and a newborn baby being replaced by a slice of pizza.

Well played La Favourita, well played!

  1. Wings – Edinburgh – Facebook

We promise, this is the last food related entry.

If you want to see great and entertaining social media created without a huge on graphics, check out Wings Edinburgh’s Facebook page.

You can actually feel the enjoyment of the person posting. It’s infectious.

From internet meme’s, NFL updates all the way through to pictures of their gorgeous chicken wings – they’re posts are winning.

  1. Edinburgh Rugby – Facebook

Ok, so this one got popped in by the boss, he’s a little rugby obsessed.

But it’s a legitimate addition to the list, for a casual fan, even an obsessive fan (ahem, Mr Hornidge), the Facebook feed is the most reliable feed of information from the team.

Rather than screaming ‘BUY TICKETS HERE!’ they create fantastic content, which makes the page’s followers want to experience the games and buy tickets.

They also do the unimaginable! They share the posts of pages! Actually, contrary to popular belief, when this is done well (like by the Edinburgh team) it’s an incredible way of creating engagement on your page.

  1. The Balmoral, Edinburgh – Facebook and Instagram

A fantastic example of two very well curated social media channels, with completely different approaches.

Their Facebook is a fine example of how sharing the content of other businesses (specifically, their partners) helps to create an engaging and fun page.

Obviously, the most luxurious and iconic hotel in Edinburgh has a bigger budget than most, not to mention the most easy to photograph building in the city. But by using high quality video from their partners, such as Johnny Walker, this allows for a page which is constantly fresh.

For their instagram feed…well like we said, they’re in Edinburgh’s second most iconic building. It would be kinda hard for them do it wrong.

Throw in a few weddings, dogs wearing tartan and sophisticated pictures of their whisky bar and you have THE best Instagram feed in Edinburgh from a business.

  1. This is Edinburgh – Facebook

Finally, last but certainly not forgotten. A very honourable mention to This Is Edinburgh.

Curating the very best of Edinburgh into one, fantastically managed page. With over 180,000 followers (there’s only 495,000 people living in Edinburgh), it’s pretty obvious that this page has become a culture beacon in the city.

Bravo Edinburgh!

Have we missed any fantastic social media pages from Edinburgh out? If you know of any, let us know in the comments below!

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