Custom Audiences for Ecommerce


Want to supercharge your marketing? Facebook’s Custom Audiences for eCommerce give you that opportunity. Think of your ideal customer group in your head, seriously, go ahead and think of them. Think of the possibilities if you could directly target them with your advertising. Dollar signs flicking in front of your eyes?

So what are we talking about? Custom Audiences give you the ability to target customers that you already have a relationship with thanks to Facebook Ads or your own internal email list.


You can build Custom Audiences of;


  • Users from your own email database
  • Website traffic
  • Users that have engaged with your posts and ads on Facebook


Giving you ability to target them across multiple channels.


Why are Custom Audiences for eCommerce such a big deal? Let us break down benefits for you.




Facebook’s targeting options make it the best platform for advertising your ecommerce store. Not all internet users are equal, you only want to advertise to those who maybe interested in your brand. Would a beauty brand want to spend money advertising to a male in his sixties? Of course not, you want to advertise only to relevant users.


The more relevant an ad is, Facebook’s algorithm makes it cheaper, meaning you get a much greater return on your investment. This is a great system! Meaning that Facebook’s users aren’t being bombarded with off-interest advertisements, the ads they see are ads that may be of interest to them.

The lurkers


Not everyone buys on the first visit to your site. In fact, on average it takes seven (7!) touch points with your brand before a user will decide to make a purchase.


This is why we work with marketing funnels. By building a Custom Audience of those users that have show an interest in your initial advertisement such as clicking on the link, you can directly advertise to only those users.


This allows for you to move them through the seven touch points and closer to the sale without the expense of advertising to a much broader group.


Again keeping your ads relevant and keeping the cost down.




Customised Ads



And with Customised Ads we can be even more relevant!


After the user has clicked on your ad they may have moved around your site, added something to their cart and then abandoned. We know, we feel your pain, but we have a solution!


Because you’ve tracked this user using the Facebook Pixel (you can find out more here), you can then display ads of the product that the user added to their basket. Want to offer free shipping as an incentive? We can do just that.


The options here really are endless and can be based on any conversion or interaction they’ve had with your ad.



This is one of our favourite features on Facebook the ability to retarget users that have already made a purchase. These users have expressed an interest in your brand with their cold hard cash, meaning it will be much easier to sell to them again.


We can target them on what they bought, when and even the value of the specific range. For example if the customer bought a top of the range dog collar at $80, we can then target the user with other items in that range rather than show them lower range goods.


Because your customer gave their email address at the time of buying, we can target them via Facebook Ads and Email Marketing.


All of these features are fantastic and are the key reason why Facebook’s Ad platform has grown so quickly and ecommerce stores have jumped on board. It’s a system that benefits the consumer and the advertiser, helping your keep down your advertising costs while building brand loyalty.


What more could ask for!?


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Dale Hornidge

MD of Rogue Digital.