Facebook Ads & The Holidays

Every year Christmas appears to arrive earlier and earlier for consumers but for eCommerce stores, Christmas offers them an unrivalled opportunity to boost their yearly sales. So how can you make the most of the season of giving?


Let’s start with what you need to know about the holiday season;


There’s a lot of people shopping online…


It’s no secret, consumers love shopping online. In fact last year Adobe predicted that onlines sales during the holidays period would reach $91.6 billion. Add the 1.2 billion daily Facebook users to the mix and you have a pretty sweet sales opportunity.


Increased Competition


Facebook has been very clear with it’s investors that advertising space is quickly running out on the platform. There are only a certain amount of ads that they want to show to users within their newsfeed and the competition for these ad placements is never more fierce that during November and December.


For small businesses there is good news here, the ads with the biggest budgets aren’t always the winners. This is because Facebook’s unique auction algorithm takes more than just the price into consideration when allocating ad space.


Prices are higher than ever


While the algorithm doesn’t solely focus on the price of ad space, the price for advertising isn’t set by Facebook, it’s set by your competitors. Facebook advertising is an auction system after all.


Facebook limits ad inventory so that a user’s news feed consists of more organic posts and stories than ads. And Facebook limits the amount of content they see every day to be sure that the platform remains as engaging as possible.


And with so many advertisers wanting a piece of the advertising pie during the holidays, this leads to some pretty drastic increases in pricing. Expect to see prices jump to 2-3x of those outside of the holiday season.


So how can you take advantage?


Now you know what to expect from the Facebook advertising scene during the holiday season, what’s the best way to attack and increase your sales?


Target the engaged


Facebook is a fantastic way to increase your brand’s presence and reach new people. But during the holiday season, the time for audience experimentation is over (unless you have deep pockets).


Instead focus on the users who already know you. Past customers, website visitors and those who have engaged with your ads in the past. These are the users who will convert.


Start as soon as possible


The sooner you start advertising on Facebook, the better your results will be for the holiday period. Late summer and early autumn are just as important as November and December.

They give you the opportunity to build the list of users who are engaged with your brand, before the ad pricing sky rockets in November.


This brand building will increase the chances of consumers remembering your brand while they are doing their Christmas shopping.


Just as importantly, starting earlier allows you to test your ad copy and creative before scaling in November.


Be strategic


Plan your advertising strategy in advance and make sure that your funnel is water-tight.


Be sure to make sure that you are using the right campaign type for your ads at the right stage of your funnel. This give Facebook’s algorithm the best chance of increasing your sales while keeping your cost-per-sale down.


Retarget your website’s latest visitors, if someone visited within the last 5 days but didn’t make a purchase, retarget them with a time sensitive offer such as free delivery or 20% off.


Once they’ve made the purchase, be sure that your email sequence is gently pushing them to make another purchase on your site by offering the customer an incentive. Email marketing is the cheapest form marketing available, so take full advantage!


We wish you the very best of luck this holiday season with your sales, if you’re still not sure how to proceed with your holidays marketing, why not book an hours strategy call with one of our expert team?

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