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Facebook loves two things – Organic posts and video. Combine these two and you have arguably the biggest untapped resource on Facebook for engaging with your audience. Facebook’s live video streaming service (aptly named Facebook Live) is the perfect way to help your eCommerce store stand out from the crowd. So what can Facebook Live for eCommerce do for you?

Traditionally the videos users see on Facebook have been pre-recorded and then edited before being posted. Which is great, but it’s a little stale.

So it’s no surprise that live video streaming has become big business. Live streaming is exactly what it says on the tin, the video is recorded and broadcast in real time, no pre-recording or editing.

It started to really gain traction over at Twitch, which allowed users to record themselves playing video games and it became HUGE. Periscope then arrived on the scene and were the first to utilise the power of big brands and celebrities on their platform.

Then came along Facebook Live which has the added benefit of most user’s friends being on the service. Though surprisingly, it’s uptake hasn’t been that quick, meaning Facebook promotes the Live videos which are broadcast by sending fans of your page a notification.

For eCommerce this offers a dynamite opportunity.

How Can Facebook Live Benefit eCommerce?

Getting your story heard

Not many eCommerce retailers are taking advantage of Facebook Live just yet. The rush is coming but you can beat the crowds by starting now.

Live video is still a novelty to most Facebook users meaning they spend more time on Live video posts than any other form of Facebook post.

Use Facebook Live to get your story, your brand out there now while the technology is still fresh and exciting to users.

Interaction with your audience

One of the great things with Facebook Live is the interactions which users can have with your video. They can use the Like functions as the video is live but they can also comment and have discussions amongst themselves.

You get to see these comments as you broadcast, meaning you can interact with them on the video. Allowing your audience to guide the content of your live stream in some instances.

Facebook loves it!

At the moment, Facebook’s algorithms favour Facebook Live over all other forms of content.  Meaning if users are engaging in your stream, your video will rank higher on their newsfeed.

Your Live videos don’t disappear after the stream ends, they still remain on your page for users to watch at a later time.

This is a great way to leverage organic engagement with your audience. Which we really haven’t seen on Facebook in over 5 years when sharing a picture got your brand ranking high in the newsfeed.


Times are a’changing, the winners will be the ones that keep up.


So what can you do?

For eCommerce specifically, we would recommend one of the following three suggestions, but the limit really is your imagination.

Show and tell with your products

There’s something fascinating about watching an unboxing. It’s hugely popular on YouTube and if you do it right, you can really keep your audience engrossed.

Set your product up, play with it, test it. This is live video so the audience will appreciate viewing the products without any editing to hide their shortcomings.

This technique works perfectly with cosmetic brands. Allowing the user to see the product and how to correctly apply it will create great engagement with your audience.

Live stream behind the scenes

We’re all secretly voyeurs, we all love to see what’s behind the curtain. So feed your audience’s curiosity with showing them what happens behind the scenes at your company.

As long as you make it entertaining, even a tour of your office can make a great Live video.

Showing ‘behind the curtain’ is also a great way of building trust with your audience. You are real, they can see that you’re real. Removing the natural ‘trust barrier’ that a lot of consumers have with smaller eCommerce stores.

Interview interesting people

So if you have the budget, Dwayne Johnson would be ideal here. But realistically, it doesn’t have to be a HUGE celebrity. Someone recognisable in your niche would be perfect.

Remember, if you’re providing fun and interesting content, who the ‘guest’ is isn’t really that important.

If you’re in the fitness niche for example, interviewing or simply having a conversation with a Personal Trainer about your products and their use of them could be a fantastic way to promote your products while also offering value to the audience.

As we said, the limit with Facebook Live really is your imagination. Pre-plan it, engage with your audience but above all, HAVE FUN.

This is Facebook after all, users want to be distracted and enjoy themselves. Your enjoyment of the experience will create a much better live stream.

A smile in contagious after all!

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Dale Hornidge

MD of Rogue Digital.