The Facebook Pixel for Ecommerce

Facebook Ads are a fantastic way to reach customers in your particular niche, which for ecommerce can make the difference between success and stress. Even better, the Facebook Pixel for Ecommerce offers you opportunities to retarget and reduce your ad spend. Let’s go for a deep dive to see how it can benefit your ecommerce store.

The Facebook Pixel

The pixel is a short piece of Javascript code that you place on your website which allows you to monitor user activity on your page. The code essentially places a pixel sized image on your site (don’t worry, it’s invisible). Whenever the user performs an action (providing the pixel has been set-up correctly) they leave a track.  


For example, if you are running a direct purchase offer on your latest Facebook Ads campaign, you can see which users have;  


  • Clicked through the ad
  • Added an item to their cart
  • Completed their purchase
  • Abandoned their cart
  • Which products they viewed


The information isn’t just informative, it offers us the opportunity to re-market to the individual and others like them.

The 3 Big Advantages

There are thousands of benefits to the pixel but the big 3 should give you an understanding of the opportunities available to us by using the pixel.  


Cross Device Monitoring  


Facebook owns the mobile device and it’s unique in that it allows you to monitor your conversions across devices. For example, if a user clicks on your ad on their desktop during their lunch break, we can then remarket to them on their mobile device at a later date. This is because the user is logged into the same account on both devices, which is typical of most users. With alternative ad platforms such as Google, the user is less likely to be logged in on both devices – they may use different web browsers such as Safari or Edge.    


Build Custom Audiences  


Think of a billboard placed on the corner of a busy road, it perhaps grabs the attention of 10% of people who look at it. Two months later, the same company runs another billboard and again, the same 10% of people are interested in it, but the company has had to pay the market rate for the advertisement to be shown to 100% of the passers-by. Not great business and we can do better than this.  


For your first campaign you can market to your niche and again, perhaps grab the attention of 10% many of whom click on your ad but don’t do anything further.  


For our second campaign, we already know that that particular 10% are interested in what you are offering. So we want to advertise directly to that 10% and not spend the money on the 90% who aren’t as interested (basic analogy but you know where I’m going).  



Because we were smart and ran the first campaign with the Facebook Pixel installed on our site, we can now market the second campaign directly to that magical 10% using a Custom Audience in Facebook’s Ad Manager.  


This is HUGE because we can get even more granular. We can create ads based on those who clicked, visited certain pages, visited certain pages but no other pages, people who haven’t visit in a certain amount of time.  


But hold onto your hats guys because it’s about to get even bigger…  


Look-A-Like Audiences  


In my opinion this is the most powerful tool in Facebook’s arsenal. The algorithms that Facebook run are incredibly complex and monitor everything that users do on the site. Meaning that once you have built a Custom Audience, you can ask the Ad Manager tool to create a Look-A-Like Audience.  


This is an audience built up of users with similar attributes to the audience that initially clicked on your ad. Meaning you get another audience of the ‘10%’ but without paying for the other 90%.  


The more campaigns we run, the more data we have and the better we get to know audience and what products and ads attract their attention and get them to purchase.  


The data that Facebook holds is incredible and by utilising it smartly we have reach to 2 billion users and I can guarantee that your niche of customers exists within that niche and we can reach them effectively and economically.  


Can you imagine the opportunities this gives us for scaling ecommerce? It’s incredibly effective and it’s getting smarter every day. Goodbye billboards, hello smart insightful advertising.

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Dale Hornidge

MD of Rogue Digital.