Announcement: The New Facebook Ads Manager

It’s official. Facebook’s Power Editor is dead, there’s a new king in town. Facebook’s announcement was met with a loud groan from industry experts, but we’re a little bit more upbeat. So what’s the deal?



Facebook gets a lot of flack in the press, but for the marketing industry, it’s been a saviour. Offering audience targeting unlike anything we’ve ever had access to before. But most importantly, they are constantly striving to innovate and those innovations are always from user feedback.


Meaning on simple thing; they know we want this change. We just don’t know that we want it.

What was it that Henry Ford famously declared?


‘If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses’


(n.b we know that he didn’t really say this but it’s an awesome quote and something we try and live by within the agency)



So what’s happening?


Starting later this week Facebook will be introducing an updated Ads Manager interface where Ads Manager and Power Editor are currently found. Meaning that we now only have one choice for ad creation. Which makes sense as the two were slowly but surely become ‘one and the same’ anyway.



One Tool To Rule Them All.


The updated Ads Manager is ‘designed to feel familiar without sacrificing any capabilities that advertisers enjoyed from the old Power Editor or Ads Manager’.


So far the information we have is limited but the 3 key parts of the new Ads Manager that Facebook have pushed in their press releases are;



Creation Workflows.


Ads Manager held your hand by giving you guided ad and campaign creation. Power Editor allowed you to rock on in which ever direction you wanted. The new Ads Manager will automatically opt users into the preferred workflow that they used in the past but with ability to switch this with a click of a button. Awesome.



Working With Drafts


Ok, so this is the part we are an incy wincy bit concerned about, but we trust Facebook know what they are doing…


One of the key features of Power Editor was the ability to work with automatic drafts. Meaning we could build entire campaigns without needing to publishing them until we were completely happy. We’ve been told that the new Ads Manager will still feature drafts.


BUT, when we try to leave the Ads Manager we’ll be asked to review and publish the changes we’ve made. We cannot just leave them as drafts.


We’re not sure what happens if our browser freezes, do we lose the work completed? We hope not but so far, we’ve heard nothing from Facebook on this.



Single Source Reporting


Reporting on Facebook has always been a little clunky. So much so, that we’re often jumping between Ads Manager and Power Editor when creating reports both internally and for clients.


So it’s music to our ears that we’ll now only have one centralised source for reports.



The new Ads Manager looks to be another exciting development for Facebook Advertising and we’ve got an inkling that this is just the start of a much broader change across the options we have when advertising.


We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new announcement, have you got access to the new interface yet?

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Dale Hornidge

MD of Rogue Digital.